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Staff Contacts
  • Captain John C. Timmel, Immediate Past Chairman
  • Bill Kuzmick, President
  • Thomas Procopio, Business Operations Manager
  • Cindy Dion, Director of Marketing and Public Relations
  • Ashley Hallaian, Deck Bos’n and Admissions
  • Grant Brus – Admissions
  • Faith Brown, Admissions
  • Nick Bibiloni, Admissions
  • To learn more about the American Victory Ship’s Radio Club, please visit:
Volunteer Staff
  • Charles Harden, USCG Compliance PIC
  • Earl Quenneville, Director of Construction Committee
  • Tom Ringate,  IT/Training Officer
  • Ted Keiler, USCG Liaison
  • Frank Bose, Security/Electrical
  • Charles Fuss, Ship Historian
  • Nick Knowlton, In-port Engineer
  • Gordon Johnson, Ship Electrician
  • Bob Stanley, Ships Welder
  • Mark Haskell, Radio Club
MEM064 American Victory Division USN Sea Cadets
  • Commander Gail Ryan USNR